Strong assets and growth: the corporate goal

Working to achieve our goal is a carefully maintained balance between:

  • long term business expansion and revenue growth,
  • prudent growth of means and resources,
  • risk management through diversification,
  • consistent and dynamic capital management,
  • permanent acquisition and disinvestment process,
  • optimum legal and tax arrangements and a
  • continuous process of innovation.

Our focus on construction and real estate is equally as important to us as investing in properties with high profit potential.

We concentrate on actively managing portfolios, real estate management, managing acquisitions, and managing and disposing of assets. Real estate management begins with acquiring the real estate, once professional market and site analysis has been carried out. This could mean acquiring an individual property with high appreciation potential, constructing new buildings or taking over a real estate company.

Our appreciation policy is fairly conservative. With this in mind we emphasise solid financial planning, especially when constructing new buildings. This includes a high pre-leasing rate and other activities to increase added value early on.

To us, active portfolio management means acquiring and supporting tenants, optimising operating costs, making the best use of space and utilising building reserves as well as activating dormant profit potential through renovations and modernisations. Our many years of experience, ongoing market observation and selling strategies with the best tax arrangements, are also key ingredients for successfully managing asset disposal.

  • Our goal
  • Our goal